Three generations of

We chose HATT, which is the Swedish word for hat, bringing our story full-circle and paying homage to the family’s relationship to their millinery background. Söner is the Swedish word for sons, as we are three generations of family involved in the house, so far.

The Boutique

We seek to preserve the purest possible expression of nature. We work to preserve a flourishing and diverse ecosystem which we nurture carefully.


A family owned
champagne house

Together we look to the future with great anticipation and excitement while always staying true to the legacy of our past.

Champagnes since 2012

Our vinification method is based on the principles to shape the wine according to the preconditions given to us by nature in terms of land, weather and the attributes of each specific vintage. Each of our wines have identity, far from the standardisation of taste.

Vintage Prestige

Dignitas that is our long-aging Champagne from our best vineyards. Omnes which is the only Champagne that is vinified under oak barrel.


Vintage Boxes

A collector’s box with all Omnes vintages ever released, and a bottle of our already iconic Dignitas Vintage 2012.


Each of our
wines have an
far from the
of taste, created
the intersection between
heaven, earth
and man.

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