1 Delivery, delivery time, and delivery conditions

After receiving the order, HATT et SÖNER will send an order confirmation to the customer's e-mail address including the delivery time and a tracking link to the order. Estimated delivery time is normally 10 days after the completed purchase but may vary depending on where in the country the customer lives. The customer pays for the shipping and postage. The price of the shipping is calculated when placing the order and can vary depending on the quantity of products ordered and/or the purchased amount.

If the delivery cannot be carried out because the customer is not present at the time of delivery, or cannot identify himself/herself in accordance with article 2.1 or for any other reason that is attributable to the customer, the customer shall be liable for reimbursement for the new delivery or any other incurred costs. This includes the storage of the products until the delivery can be completed and additional costs for all the new delivery attempts charged by the carrier. The customer shall contact the carrier without delay to schedule a new delivery according to the carrier’s availability. HATT et SÖNER reserves the right to return the products to France if the delivery cannot be completed or if the customer does not contact the carrier or HATT et SÖNER within 10 days after the first initial delivery time. The return will then be paid by the customer. 

2 Identification requirement upon delivery
At the time of delivery, the customer must identify himself /herself in order to sign for and receive the product. HATT et SÖNER reserves the right to not deliver the product if the recipient is under 20 years of age or cannot identify himself/herself at the time of delivery.